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Table or bench…..

For Christmas we made our family a set of benches that can change into tables, with a simple pivot the back rest folds flat and locks in to place to become the table top. The benches are made as singles

Every month on the sea

A year ago I read an artical online about a Canadian canoer who set himself the goal of paddling at least once a month for the year of 2013, reading this just before New years eve with 2014 and resolutions

Winter bodysurfing

Winter surf sessions can take a little more motivation to get out on the water but can be a rewarding experience during November and December the sky was grey the wind was cold but getting in to the water it

Halloween, Finless Fright Fest

Halloween fun at the beach for Sakura Workshops Finless Fright Fest a chance to demo some of our boards and play some beach games. We had to brave the winter weather and it was great to see those that could

Kayak-King Cardboard Kayak Competition

A different design and build project for the workshop came in the form of Kayak-Kings cardboard kayak competition. Simple guidelines for the build use only cardboard held together with environmentally friendly glue and gaffa tape for the seams. We collected

First time bodysurfing

Summer is a great time to get out and try new water sports; with sunshine, the water is warmer and the days are longer. Giving us more opportunities to get out on the water in a more comfortable environment to

Bodysurfing and Wave watching!

To say this summer has been flat surf wise would be an understatement to many surfers, as a bodysurfer the conditions can be less of a factor for if I’m going to bother to get in the water or not

Summer, SUPping, SUPping TIME!

Summer has arrived and its brought a lovely high pressure with it, flat seas and sunshine a perfect time to get out and Stand Up Paddle board. Pembrokeshire SUP Club have provided the perfect opportunity to get out paddling in

Go Paddling

May became Paddle month in the workshop with new wooden Stand up Paddle board paddles taking shape, two different methods of blade construction led to some cool discoveries with the behavior of wood and fiber glass. Paddle making is one

Sunset Sessions

April arrived without the April showers and with the clocks going forward offering up that extra hour of light in the evenings the local Pembrokeshire surfers were taking full advantage. After the big storms at the start of the year